Value based healthcare

Sirius Pintuition was designed with the value-based healthcare model in mind. At Sirius, our mission is to keep the healthcare system in balance. We want to deliver on our key promise: when switching to Sirius Pintuition, your outcomes remain equal and costs, when measured across the full cycle of care will reduce.

Similar outcomes while reducing costs

Current outcome and care delivery trends bring challenges for tissue sparing surgery

Screening programs-1

Screening programs including portable, aging populations and rapid optimized diagnostics
(data science) uncover lesions early and enable precision

Based on diagnostics and emerging-1

Based on diagnostics and emerging biomarkers there is a rapid emerging field of effective and curative neo-adjuvant chemo and immuno therapies

Effective Screening, diagnostics-2

Effective Screening, diagnostics and NAT increases smaller and non-visible lesions, open new indications and introduce staging needs to safely apply personalize surgical treatment pathways

work and build sustainable

We live, work and build sustainable solutions for a rapidly changing healthcare system and rapidly changing climate environment

Our value model

Sirius Pintuition Value


  • Clinical outcomes comparable to WGL
  • Safety profile comparable to WGL
  • Low complication rates comparable to WGL

Other stakeholders’ benefits

Other stakeholders’ benefits

  • More convenient for surgeons than WGL and intuitive to use
  • Higher satisfaction for patients when compared to WGL
  • Support hospital improving efficiency by Sirius Link program
Cost of care focus

Cost of care focus

  • Affordable
  • Easy to learn
  • Replaces existing procedures without adoption investments for surgeon, radiologist and staff
  • Improves efficiency
Broader impact on society

Broader impact on society

  • Affordable smart innovation to support broad societal access
  • Value based contracting to support sustainable access to healthcare

Measure Value Impact Collaborative

  • Designed as a surgical care pathway improvement assessment.
  • Create process insights into the activities, outcomes, cost and patient experience.
  • Aim for optimal quality over cost per patient in terms of Value (Value Based Healthcare). 
  • Research Question. How much can the utilization of Sirius Pintuition improve the total costs of care of the total pathway of breast conserving surgery (Oncoplastic BCS) in the hospital?
  • Expected outcome:
    • Process model with current care paths and associated costs based on admin data
    • Improved care path(s) using Sirius Pintuition and associated costs
    • Intervention effect of improved care pathway