Why Sirius Pintuition?

Navigation that allows you to find the Pintuition Seed with ease

The GPSDetect™ software provides directional guidance using audio and visual feedback to locate tumors more easily and accurately. Additionally, our unique TargetLOC™ feature shows you when the probe is perfectly aligned above the seed.
Sirius Pintuition also provides directional feedback using audio for surgeons that prefer audio feedback instead of visual feedback. You can hear both the distance and directional signals to indicate when you are perfectly aligned with TargetLOC™.


A robust magnetic seed

Our tiny yet powerful magnet is designed to be accurately and precisely detected by our Sirius Pintuition System. The use of a permanent magnet has many advantages; no signal decay over time, no radiation, and excellent visibility on all major imaging modalities. It just simply makes sense.

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Intelligent innovation that empowers efficiency

The Sirius Pintuition Seed can be placed up to 30 days prior to surgery to mark the tumor location. It enables a better patient experience and more flexible approach for both the radiology and surgical department.

Interested in how switching to Sirius Pintuition can improve your clinical workflow? Our SiriusLink program will provide increased insight on your hospital workflow and demonstrate how the Sirius Pintuition can reduce costs while maintaining strong clinical outcomes.

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Surgeons demand change

More than 50 years after the introduction of wire guided localization, it is now time for a change. In recent years, new devices have been developed that overcome many of the disadvantages of wire localization.

Our platform offers a better user and patient experience compared with traditional wire and other lesion localization options.

Sirius Pintuition just simply makes sense.

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