About Sirius Medical

Invented by medical professionals

MaMaLoc is our first product and was invented at the Netherlands Cancer Institute by the same experts that treat cancer patients daily. They recognized the need and opportunity to simplify and improve the minimally invasive surgical removal of breast cancers, resulting in the MaMaLoc technology. Sirius saw the potential to improve this technology and expand the technology into other indications. We are proud of our partnerships with medical professionals; together we develop a portfolio of surgical solutions to fight cancer.


We improve care for cancer patients by delivering unsurpassed, yet affordable solutions that enable precise and efficient surgical removal of early stage tumors.

Screening programs and advanced diagnostics enable detection of cancer at an early stage.  We foresee a future where curative treatment of early-stage cancer relies on precisely targeted and minimally invasive surgical procedures that radically remove small tumors, yet spare surrounding healthy tissue.

We strive to be a trusted partner in the surgical treatment of cancer patients by providing

  • easy-to-use and intuitive devices enabling surgeons to deliver optimal care,
  • affordable solutions that deliver value in terms of both patient outcome and healthcare cost,
  • compelling evidence on outcomes, use, safety and health-economics
Leadership Team

The inventors of the MaMaLoc technology, Bram Schermers and Theo Ruers have joined forces with Hubert Martens, Jan-Willem Beijer, Eric Derksen, and Erik van den Wijngaard – all seasoned medical device experts – to bring this technology to the market. Sirius Medical is a spin-out from the Netherlands Cancer Institute and University of Twente and the team is driven to bring innovations in surgical oncology into the hands of physicians worldwide.