Sirius Medical Establishes Supervisory Board and Announces CEO Transition

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Sirius Medical, a medical device start-up developing the next generation of tumor localization technology, today announced that medical device executives Jan Sigger (founder & CEO Quirem Medical) and Rob de Ree (CEO NorthSea Therapeutics) will join the Company’s Supervisory Board. The Board is further strengthened by Jan-Frens van Giessel (Partner at Holland Capital) and Hubert Martens (CEO Salvia BioElectronics; co-founder and former CEO Sirius Medical). Bram Schermers (co-founder of Sirius Medical) transitions to the CEO position.
Rob de Ree

Rob de Ree

CEO NorthSea Therapeutics

Jan Sigger

CEO Quirem Medical (Terumo Corp.)

Jan-Frens van Giessel

Partner Holland Capital

Hubert Martens

Hubert Martens

CEO Salvia BioElectronics
Former CEO Sirius Medical

Mr. de Ree brings over a decade of highly relevant industry experience as a former CEO at BMEYE (acquired by Edwards Lifesciences Corp.) and Dezima Pharma (acquired by Amgen Inc.). Mr. Sigger complements this profile with a financial leadership role at Nucletron and as a co-founder and current CEO at Quirem Medical which was recently acquired by Terumo Corp.

Mr. Sigger (Supervisory Board chair): “I have become impressed by the unique Sirius localization technology and the strong team behind it. Sirius Pintuition will bring a paradigm shift for both breast cancer patients and treating physicians. I look forward to supporting the full realization of this exciting technology for the benefit of patients around the world.”

The board is completed by Jan-Frens van Giessel, experienced MedTech investment partner at Holland Capital and Hubert Martens, one of the founders and former CEO of Sirius Medical who previously co-founded Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation (acquired by Medtronic): “although I am transitioning away from the day-to-day operations of Sirius, I will continue to support the team through my Supervisory Board membership. With the deep market knowledge of Mr. Schermers, the experienced Sirius Medical team is very well positioned to make the next steps in its development under his leadership.”

“It’s a tremendous honor to work with such an experienced Supervisory Board”, says Mr. Schermers, newly appointed CEO of Sirius Medical, “we are at a critical juncture right now, having received both US and EU regulatory approvals for Sirius Pintuition, and steadily activating customers throughout the EU. The Supervisory Board will play a pivotal role in strategic decisions that enables Sirius Pintuition to become the global standard of care.”

About Sirius Pintuition

Sirius Medical provides surgical oncologists with a highly precise, easy-to-use, and affordable solution that contributes to an improved hospital workflow. The Sirius Pintuition Seed can be placed days to weeks in advance of surgery to mark a target tissue*. During surgery, the Sirius Pintuition Probe provides highly accurate, real-time feedback and directional guidance to the marked tissue. Using Sirius Pintuition is intuitive, the system provides millimeter accuracy and directional guidance. Sirius Pintuition has been used in over 500 procedures in six countries across Europe. The system is FDA cleared and CE-marked.

About Sirius Medical

With its roots in the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Sirius Medical was born to make things better. The Sirius Pintuition system was developed by and for surgeons addressing a clear clinical need with a solution that simply makes sense. The Sirius Pintuition system is CE marked and received FDA clearance and is currently commercially available in Western Europe. Our mission is to improve care for cancer patients by delivering unsurpassed, yet affordable solutions that enable precise and efficient surgical removal of tumors.

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