Value based healthcare

Similar outcomes while reducing costs

Sirius Pintuition was designed with the value-based healthcare model in mind. At Sirius, our mission is to keep the healthcare system in balance. We want to deliver on our key promise: when switching to Sirius Pintuition, your outcomes remain equal and costs, when measured across the full cycle of care will reduce.

Our value model

Sirius Pintuition Value


  • Clinical outcomes comparable to WGL
  • Safety profile comparable to WGL
  • Low complication rates comparable to WGL

Other stakeholders’ benefits

Other stakeholders’ benefits

  • More convenient for surgeons than WGL and intuitive to use
  • Higher satisfaction for patients when compared to WGL
  • Support hospital improving efficiency by Sirius Link program
Cost of care focus

Cost of care focus

  • Affordable
  • Easy to learn
  • Replaces existing procedures without adoption investments for surgeon, radiologist and staff
  • Improves efficiency
Broader impact on society

Broader impact on society

  • Affordable smart innovation to support broad societal access
  • Value based contracting to support sustainable access to healthcare

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