Bringing value to patients

Our promise

Improving outcomes while reducing cost.
At Sirius Medical, we are committed to keeping the healthcare system in balance. We want to deliver on our key promise: when switching to Sirius Pintuition, your outcomes remain equal and costs, when measured across the full cycle of care should reduce.

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The challenge for soft tissue surgery

Population-wide screening programs for breast cancer have led to a sharp increase in the detection rate of small and non-palpable breast tumors.

Early detection is beneficial for the clinical outcomes and it allows for a more conservative surgical approach. As a consequence however, surgeons are faced with increasingly challenging procedures as they must locate and operate on these demanding tumors.

Surgical localization techniques are indispensable in guiding the surgeon to the right location during breast cancer surgery.

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The gold standard is on its last legs

Wire-guided localization has been the gold standard for these procedures ever since its introduction in the 1970s. However, the use of wires is not ideal.

Clinics need to carefully plan their radiology and surgery schedules to prevent delays; surgeons do not have freedom of approach, as the wire entry site may be different from the ideal skin incision location and the wire placement procedure leads to additional pain and stress on an already stressful surgery day for patients.

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Surgeons demand change

Now, more than 40 years after the introduction of wire-guided localization, it’s time for a change.

In recent years, new devices have been developed that overcome many of the disadvantages of wires. Of these, radioactive seed localization is the most prominent newcomer.

However, the use of tiny radioactive sources and its strict chain of custody requirements introduce radiation safety concerns, resulting in limited adoption.

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Sirius Value Model

Bringing value by lowering the total cost of care


  • Clinical outcomes comparable to WGL
  • Safety profile comparable to WGL
  • Low complication rates comparable to WGL

Cost of care focus

  • Affordable
  • Easy to learn
  • Replaces existing procedures without adoption investments for surgeon, radiologist and staff
  • Improves efficiency

Other stakeholders’ benefits

  • More convenient for surgeons than WGL and intuitive to use
  • Higher satisfaction for patient compared to WGL
  • Support hospital improving efficiency by Sirius Link program

Broader impact on society

  • Affordable smart innovation to support broad societal access
  • Value based contracting to support sustainable access to healthcare

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