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Where can I get instructions for using the Sirius Pintuition system?

The Instructions for use will be available from our support page

Where can I find detailed information about the Sirius Pintuition system?

Technical specifications are part of the instructions for use, which will be available from our support page. If you would like to receive more information or have any questions, please let us know and we’ll be in touch.

Where can I try out the Sirius Pintuition system?

Sirius provides personal live online demonstrations of the Sirius Pintuition system. We are present on all the major international conferences in the surgical oncology field and will announce new events in our newsletter on social media and on this webpage. Please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media (twitter/linkedin) to stay in touch.

I’m interested, how can I get more information?

We’re happy to hear you are interested in Sirius Pintuition. Please leave your contact details in the get in touch section and we’ll be in touch.


Siruis Pintuition performance

What is the chance of Pintuition Marker migration?

Smaller, radioactive iodine seeds have been shown not to migrate [1] and a previous version of the Sirius Pintuition device was associated with negligible migration (all <1mm) after an implantation duration of median 18 (13-29) days, N=5 [2]”.

[1] Alderliesten T, Loo CE, Pengel KE, Rutgers EJT, Gilhuijs KGA, Vrancken Peeters MTFDJTFD. Radioactive seed localization of breast lesions: an adequate localization method without seed migration. Breast J [Internet]. United States; 2011; 17: 594– 601. Available from:

[2] Schermers B, van der Hage JA, Loo CE, Vrancken Peeters MTFD, Winter-Warnars HAO, van Duijnhoven F, et al. Feasibility of magnetic marker localisation for nonpalpable breast cancer. Breast [Internet]. Elsevier Ltd; 2017; 33: 50–56. Available from:

Is the Pintuition Marker compatible with MRI imaging?

The Pintuition Marker is labelled as MR conditionally safe; this means patients with a Pintuition Marker in situ can safely undergo an MR scan (under certain conditions), but this will lead to image artefacts around the marker. The Pintuition Needle is not safe for use during MRI, so it is not safe to implant the marker under MR guidance. Please refer to the Instructions for Use for specific information.

Is the Pintuition Marker approved for use during neoadjuvant therapy and how does this impact MRI response evaluation?

There is no contra-indication for the use of Pintuition during neoadjuvant therapy. The device is approved for use both in the primary lesion and in lymph nodes. However, the clinicians should be aware of the imaging artefact on MRI. In a worstcase test setting the maximum artefact extended approximately 6cm from the seed. The minimum artefact extends 2,5 cm from the seed. The artefact in your center will depend on your own imaging settings and system. If you are interested we can provide a detailed test report.

Is the Pintuition Marker approved for use in the Axilla or Inguinal lymph nodes?

Yes, in the EU the Pintuition Marker is approved for use in any soft tissue lesion up to 180 days prior to removal. For the US the current indication is soft tissue and long term.

Please refer to your local Instructions for Use document for the complete indications for use.

How long in advance can the seed be placed?

In the EU the Pintuition marker may be placed up to 180 days before surgery. In the US the marker has the long term indication.

Is the Sirius Pintuition Marker visible on my imaging system?

The Pintuition Marker is visible on the most common imaging modalities, including ultrasound and x-ray/mammography.

How is the transcutanuous detection experience with larger breasts and the Sirius Pintuition System?

The Pintuition Marker can be detected up to 50mm from the probe. Sirius recognizes the necessity of the functioning of the technique in larger breasts. In our clinical studies with Sirius Pintuition there was no selection on breast size and transcutaneous detection was succesful in all cases [1]. In post-marketing feedback, there have been no complaints on non-functioning transcutaneous detection.

[1]. Bessems M, van Breest Smallenburg V, van Bebber I, et al. Safety and performance of Sirius Pintuition – a novel wire-free and non-radioactive localization system for breast cancer surgery. Eur J Surg Oncol. 2021;47(2):e1. doi:



How can I order Sirius Pintuition?

Can I order a Sirius Pintuition System?

Sirius Medical is currently available in Europe, the United States and Australia and New Zealand. Orders and deliveries outside this region will be possible soon. We will continuously update the countries with commercial access. Find out how you can get access to Pintuiton by leaving your email address at our contact page and we will get in touch.

Is the Sirius Pintuition system affordable?

At Sirius Medical, we are committed to keeping the healthcare system in balance by offering an affordable solution. If you are interested what this means for your practice, we would be more than happy to share our value efforts and the possibility of building a business case for your specific situation. Please leave your contact details and we’ll be in touch.

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