Navigate with Surgical Precision

The next generation in localization technology

Sirius Pintuition® Powered by GPSDetect


Directional Guidance

Perfect alignment with TargetLOC™

Intuitive inferface that simply makes sense

Visual Guidance for unmatched precision

Navigate with unmatched precision

How does GPSDetect™ Work?

Our Sirius Pintuition system powered by GPSDetect™ software is the only wire-free localization system that is designed to provide navigational guidance that is intuitive and precise

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Don't settle for localization, navigate with Pintuition

You are never lost with GPSDetect™, precise navigation in all cases

Providing real-time directional feedback using audio and visual guidance for unmatched precision to locate tumors more easily and accurately

Perfect alignment of the probe with the marker

The Pintuition probe features multi-array technology that allows for precise navigation guidance towards the target. The unique TargetLOC™ feature shows you when the probe is perfectly aligned above the marker.

The probe is precise, durable and reliable - no matter what the size


Sirius Pintuition®

Precise navigation that simply makes sense

Sirius Pintuition® powered by a state-of-the-art navigation software, GPSDetect™. Providing real-time, directional guidance using audio and visual feedback for unmatched precision to locate tumors.

Pintuition System2-1

Pintuition Probe

Perfect pinpoint detection of the Pintuition Marker

  • 50 mm of directional detection range
  • Multi sensor technology that provides precise navigation
  • One-time calibration before each procedure
  • Handheld, reusable, durable and robust

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Simple Precise Affordable Surgical Marker Navigation Simple Precise Affordable Surgical Marker Navigation Simple Precise Affordable Surgical Marker Navigation

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