Sirius Pintuition simply makes sense

Wire-free, radioactive-free, hassle-free localization.

Our system delivers a better alternative. Offering a pinpoint approach to non-palpable tumor localization, it provides you with intuitive guidance.



Sirius Pintuition Probe – reusable, durable and directional
Sirius Pintuition Seed – indestructible, passive, cannot malfunction
Sirius Pintuition Base Unit – easy to use and straightforward to set up
Sirius Pintuition Needle – pre-loaded with a Pintuition Seed


Sirius Pintuition Probe

Reusable, durable and directional.

Sirius Pintuition Seed

Indestructible, passive, cannot malfunction.

Sirius Pintuition Base Unit

Easy to use and straightforward to set up.

Sirius Pintuition Needle

Pre-loaded with a Pintuition Seed.


  • Using a tiny seed to accurately pinpoint the tumor
  • Providing intuitive guidance to the target
  • Advanced technology made accessible by Sirius Medical

System benefits

Pinpoint accuracy
  • Our probe is equipped with 5cm of directional detection range to locate the seed, offering you intuitive guidance.
  • Detection is supported by both audio prompts and visual feedback displaying the real-time distance in millimeters, helping to guide you straight to the seed location.


Better for healthcare

Seed-based localization technologies decouple radiology and surgery schedules which provides planning benefits and reduces delays, and in turn, reduces costs.


Better for surgeons
  • Formed of magnetized metal encapsulated in biocompatible titanium, our passive seeds are hassle-free, robust and can’t malfunction.
  • Our seed has excellent visibility on all major imaging technologies.
  • Providing the benefits of radioactive seeds without any of the safety concerns, our system simply works.
  • Featuring a robust and reusable probe, our system is built to last.


  • At Sirius Medical, we are committed to keeping the healthcare system in balance. We want to offer an affordable solution that provides value across the patient-care pathway. Our aim is that our system becomes accessible to every breast cancer center looking for a better alternative. Also see SiriusLink

System FAQs

We’re always happy to discuss the features and advantages of the Sirius Pintuition system with you. You can find the answers to the most frequently asked system questions below and all our other FAQs here.

What is the Sirius Pintuition system?

Sirius Pintuition is a surgical localization technology under investigation for the treatment of non-palpable breast cancer and other soft-tissue tumor types.  

What are the main advantages of Sirius Pintuition?

Sirius Pintuition is a radioactive-free, wire-free surgical localization system. Our system has intuitive and directional, millimeter-accurate detection with a range of 50mm. Our probe is fully reusable and compatible with conventional surgical tools. Sirius Pintuition is an affordable solution that can improve the productivity of tissue sparing surgeries.

Where can I get instructions for using the Sirius Pintuition system?

The instructions for use will be available from our support page once the system is commercially launched.

Where can I find detailed information about the Sirius Pintuition system?

Technical specifications are part of the instructions for use, which will be available from our support page after commercial launch. If you would like to receive more information in advance, please let us know and we’ll be in touch.  

Where can I try out the Sirius Pintuition system?

You can experience our system at one of the upcoming events for surgical breast cancer treatment. The next event will be the 39th ESSO conference, October 9-11 2019 in Rotterdam. Besides our booth, we will be hosting a demonstration station where you can try out Sirius Pintuition. If you want to sign up for a personal demo at the ESSO conference, please click here. Keep an eye on our news section for additional events!

I’m interested, how can I get more information?

We’re happy to hear you are interested in Sirius Pintuition. Please leave your contact details and we’ll be in touch.

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