Sirius Pintuition: a new localization system that simply makes sense

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Wire-free, radioactivity-free, hassle-free tumor localization.

Sirius Pintuition delivers a better alternative. Offering a pinpoint approach to non-palpable tumor localization, it provides you with intuitive guidance.


Sirius Pintuition gives you intuitive and robust guidance towards the marked target from any direction, by real-time distance detection in millimetres.

Directional guidance

Point source localization

Real time millimeter accuracy



The video below shows the actual performance of the Pintuition System. It shows the real-time distance measurement, directional guidance towards the seed and the ease of use, also in the vicinity of surgical instruments.

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Pintuition Seed

  • A tiny but powerful magnet encapsulated in high-grade biocompatible titanium
  • May be implanted up to 30 days prior to surgery in breast tissue
  • May be implanted up to 180 days prior to surgery in soft tissue
  • Has excellent visibility on all major imaging modalities
  • Designed to provide the benefits of radioactive seeds without any of the safety concerns.
  • MR Conditional safe up to 3T

Pintuition Needle

  • 14G Needle that comes sterile and pre-loaded with the Pintuition Seed.
  • Available in 12cm and 20cm lengths
  • Ultrasound-enhanced tip

Pintuition Probe

  • 50 mm of directional detection range
  • Easy to use for you and your operating room staff
  • Works together with your standard surgical instruments
  • Handheld, reusable, durable and robust

Pintuition Base unit

  • Realtime audio and visual feedback displayed in millimeters
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Unique smart detection algorithm

Pintuition seed has excellent visibility on all major imaging technologies

Surgeons demand change

Now, more than 40 years after the introduction of wire-guided localization, it’s time for a change. In recent years, new devices have been developed that overcome many of the disadvantages of wires. Of these, radioactive seed localization is the most prominent newcomer.

However, the use of tiny radioactive sources and its strict chain of custody requirements introduce radiation safety concerns, resulting in limited adoption.

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