Leena Chagla Sirius poster ABS 2022

Feasibility of Breast Lesion Localisation using Sirius Pintuition; a New Magnetic Seed Localisation System

Foster et al (2022)

St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Prescot, United Kingdom

Case description

This article presents a single-centre experience with the first 33 consecutive patients (N=35 tumours) who underwent BCS showing that Sirius Pintuition is a feasible alternative to WGL and favourably reviewed by both surgeons and radiologists

Key messages

- 100% Pintuition markers were detected transcutaneously
- No SAEs recorded
- One large lesion was bracketed
- 97% Pintuition markers retrieved (one marker displaced during surgery but recovered and sent with the specimen)
- Favourably reviewed by both surgeons and radiologists