Successful use of a magnetic localisation system for non-palpable malignant lesions: a single centre experience.

Galema et al (2021)

Erasmus MC

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Case description

This article presents a single-centre experience describing the successful use of Sirius Pintuition for the localization and removal of non-palpable tumours (breast and non-breast)

Key messages

- Pintuition markers were placed under US or CT-guidance in ten lesions in nine patients. Lesions consisted of melanoma (n=5), soft tissue sarcoma (n=3), recurrent rectal cancer (n=1), and breast cancer on histopathology analysis (n=1).
- Pintuition marker retrieval rate was 100%
- The use of Sirius Pintuition appeared to be safe, feasible, and resulted in the resection of all target tissues.