First Italian experience with Sirius Pintuition system for localization of small non-palpable breast lesions (<9 mm): preliminary data

Giovanazzi et al (2021)

Breast Unit, San Gerardo Hospital

Monza, Italy

Case description

This article presents a single-centre experience to locate and remove 20 non-palpable lesions (up to 9 mm) using Sirius Pintuition showing it to be a useful and safe localisation system.

Key messages

- The system allows for a precise and limited removal of safe tissue surrounding the lesion, potentially being safer than WGL and more precise and quicker than ROLL.
The Pintuition marker can be also safely implanted in very dense breast tissue as well as in case of macromastia.
- No Pintuition marker migration was observed
- The system is intuitive and does not require a long learning curve