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Use of Contrast-Enhanced-Mammography with the Sirius Pintuition Marker: a single case report (1)

Dr. Santana and Dr. Aznar

Hospital Universitario Infanta Sofía

Madrid, Spain

Case description

Localization and removal of a cT1cN0 Ductal infiltrating G1 Luminal B breast lesion

Course of Treatment

Forty-seven years old patient. A BIRADS 4C Lesion was identified in the inner quadrant junction of the left breast (CEM, US, MRI and mammography were performed). A Sirius Pintuition Marker was placed in the centre of the lesion by US and its position was confirmed by CEM. The lesion was precisely localized with Sirius Pintuition and successfully removed with adequate intraoperative margins. The Pintuition Marker did not cause any artefact and did not prevent the correct reading of the contrast mammography.